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लक्ष्य 67th BPSC/CDPO: मौलिक अधिकार

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Question 1

Fundamental rights refer to:

Question 2

‘Fundamental Rights’ are:

Question 3

Can fundamental rights, under Indian Constitution, be waived by a person?

Question 4

Fundamental Rights are provided under

Question 5

Right to Privacy as a Fundamental Right is implied in

Question 6

‘Right to Education’ is a Fundamental Right under Article 21 which deals with ‘Right to Life because

Question 7

The Fundamental Right to Freedom in Indian Constitution literally do not include:

Question 8

Right to Freedom under Article 19 of the Indian Constitution does not include −

Question 9

Which of the following is included in Right to Equality?

Question 10

Prohibition of discrimination on group of religion etc (Art 15 of the Constitution of India) is a Fundamental right classified under?
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