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लक्ष्य 67th BPSC/CDPO: गवर्नर-जनरल/वायसराय

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Question 1

Which act made Governor-General of Bengal as the Governor-General of India?

Question 2

The Charter Act 1833 replaced the Governor-General of Bengal and Council of Fort William with_____.

Question 3

Which of the following act formally made the Governor General of Bengal as Governor General of India?

Question 4

When Lord Mountbatten became the first Governor-General of independent India, who among the following became the Governor-General for Pakistan?

Question 5

______ was Governor General of India in 1793

Question 6

The Governor-General who partitioned Bengal was

Question 7

______ was Governor General of India in 1793

Question 8

The first Governor-General of Bengal was

Question 9

Who was the youngest Governor general of India?

Question 10

Which Governor General had abolished slavery in India ?
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