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Question 1

Consider the following statements which are the correct for Alluvial Soil.

1) Alluvial soil is the most fertile soil in India.

2) Alluvial soil having more amount of Nitrogen.

3) Alluvial soils in the Indo-Gangetic plain.

Question 2

Mostly available soil in India is ________ soil which comprises almost 43 percent of soil in the country.

Question 3

Black soil is also known as ____.

Question 4

Black soil attains its ______ color from ______.

Question 5

Khadar is ________ .

Question 6

Cultivation is difficult on red soil because

Question 7

Which of the statements given about laterite soils is incorrect?

Question 8

Laterite is Chemically Classified as

Question 9

What is the pH of red yellow soil?

Question 10

The Red-yellow soil has been mostly formed by
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