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Top Faculty
Praween Dixit
Praween Dixit5+ years of teaching experience|General Hindi Expert
Ashpal Janwa
Ashpal JanwaCleared RAS 2013 and 2016 ExaminationGeography and Environment expert
Chetan prasad Singh
Chetan prasad SinghAppeared BPSC mains 2018, Appeared 6th JPSC Interview, Cleared CSIR-CASE- 2013Bihar GK Expert
Rajesh Yadav 1
Rajesh Yadav 115+ years of teaching experienceHistory & Indian Polity Expert
Narendra Singh
Narendra Singh30 years of Teaching ExperienceHistory & Bihar GK Expert
Mohammed Javed
Mohammed JavedAppeared for UPSC CSE Interview in 2014,2015,2016 & 2017|Polity & History Expert
Vasu Katara
Vasu KataraAppeared for UPSC CSE 2017 InterviewEthics & Economics Expert
Rohan Tyagi
Rohan TyagiAppeared for the UPSC CSE interview in 2017Geography & Ecology Expert
Nirmesh Kumar
Nirmesh KumarAppeared in UPSC CSE Interview 2014Current Affairs and Economy Experts
Abhishek Rathore
Abhishek RathoreAppeared for UPSC CSE Interview 2013History & Polity Expert