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ISRO ME 2019 Fluid Mechanics and Machinery 1

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Question 1

An increase in pressure of 500 kPa and decrease in volume by 0.02% , and Poisson ratio is 0.3. What is value of young modulus of elasticity ________ ?

Question 2

A manometer contains a liquid having specific gravity of 1.5. The gauge pressure at pt. A is -15kN/m2, determine the pressure at point C (air column between point B and C)

Question 3

A block of concrete weighs 100 N in air and weighs only 60 N when immersed in water. The average specific weight of the block (in KN/m3is g=10 m/s2 ________.

Question 4

The velocity of flow field is V = . What is the vorticity vector at (1,1,1)?

Question 5

Calculate the magnitude of the resultant velocity at point(3,2). The velocity potential function is = 2x2 – 1.5y2 for a flow field.

Question 6

Which one of the following is correctly showing the level of manometer column.
1.  2.  
3.  4. 

Question 7

For a laminar flow through a circular pipe, the value of friction coefficient in Darcy-Weisbach equation is found to be 0.02. The Reynold’s number for the flow will be

Question 8

The most important class of pump for dealing with high viscous material is ________.

Question 9

In a 1:36 scale model test of a spillway, discharge of flow over the model is 6 m3/s. If the velocity of flow over model was found to be 5 knots, then the velocity of flow over prototype in m/s will be
[1knot= 0.5144m/sec]

Question 10

The areas of ram and plunger of a hydraulic press are 40mm2 and 2 mm2 respectively. The plunger applies a force of 500N, determine the weight lifted based on the intensity of pressure measured at ram.
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