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Indian Peninsular Plateaus

Question 1

The peninsular plateau made of . . . . . . . rocks forms the oldest and the most extensive physical division of India.

Question 2

Select the statements related to the Indian peninsular plateau ?

1. Entire portions of Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh as well as parts of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu,Telangana, Odisha and West Bengal together form a plateau known as the peninsular plateau.

2. The peninsular plateau made of hard crystalline rocks forms the oldest and the most extensive physical division of India.

3. This undulating physical division of India extends about 15 lakh square kilometres.

Question 3

Consider the following statements:

Statement I : A major portion of the deccan plateau, which is the southern part of the peninsular plateau, has been formed by the cooling of lava that spread over the region millions of years ago.

Statement II : Black soil is extensively found in this region made of igneous rocks, named basalt.

Question 4

Choose the correct statements ?

1. The peninsular plateau is also the source region of many rivers.

2. The rivers originating from the elevated regions of the peninsular plateau are known as peninsular rivers. As these are rain fed rivers, the water flow in these rivers decreases in summer.

Question 5

Find the correct answer by combining the items in list I and II related to River's and Origin ?


a . Narmada - 1) Multai Plateau

b . Kaveri - 2) Western Ghats(Nasik district of Maharashtra)

c . Godavari - 3) Maikala Ranges(Chhattisgarh)

d . Tapti - 4) Brahmagiri Ranges in (Western Ghats)

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