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Indian History Quiz 25. 04. 2018

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Question 1

Match the following.
List I
I. Abhinav Bharat
II. Anushilan Samiti
III. Ghadar Party
IV. Jugantar Party
List II
a. Aurobindo Ghosh
b. V. D. Savarkar
c. Barin Ghosh
d. Sohan Bhakna

Question 2

Consider following statements regarding Indian Parliamentary committee 1893
1). Its members were Sir William Wedderburn and WS Caine
2). It was formed to agitate for entry of Indian subjects into the British Parliament
Which of the above statement(s) is/are correct?

Question 3

Consider the following statements.
1) After 1857, the authority over India was to be wielded by the Secretary of State for India alone (previously held by the directors of the Company and the Board of Control).
2) The Imperial Legislative Council formed as a result to the Indian Councils Act of 1861, possessed the real powers.
Choose the incorrect statement.

Question 4

With reference to Morley-Minto Reforms of 1909, consider the following statements:
1) It decreased the number of elected members in the Imperial Legislative Council and the Provincial Councils.
2) The Moderates cooperated with the government in the working of the reforms.
3) This reform is also known as Indian Councils Act of 1909.

Which of the statements given above are correct?

Question 5

Match the following, with reference to the Gupta period.
List I
I. nagarsresthis
II. sarthavaha
III. prathamakulika
IV. prathamakayastha

List II
a. chief scribe
b. artisans
c. trading communities
d. traders and bankers (urban)

Question 6

Consider the following statements.
1) The Aryan chief who overpowered the dasas was called Trasadasyu.
2) The Aryan chief was soft towards towards the dasas.
3) The Aryan chief was strongly hostile to the dasyus.
Choose the correct statement.
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