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Indian History Quiz 09.05.2018

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Question 1

The type of weaving where the wrap, weft or both are tie-dyed before weaving to create designs on the finished fabric. This type of weaving is known as:

Question 2

Consider the following statement about a traditional folk dance
a. It is a ceremonial dance involving masks, it is an ancient ritual performed in Bhagavati temples
b. It is performed by magico-medicine men of Kerala to heal the illnesses not amenable to medical modalities of intervention
c. It is regarded as a remnant of the Dravidian forms of worship that existed before the advent of Brahmanism.
The above statement is referred to which form of traditional dance

Question 3

Match the following.

Question 4

Consider the following statements regarding the Gandhara school of Art.
1) It is also known as Graeco-Buddhist School of art.
2) Marble was used extensively.
3) Both Shakas and Kushanas were patrons of Gandhara School.
4) Bamyan Buddha of Afghanistan is one of the example of the Gandhara School.
Choose the correct statement:

Question 5

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