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Important Quiz on Human Blood

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Question 1

Which blood corpuscle help in Coagulation of blood?

Question 2

White blood cells act

Question 3

Which among the following is the largest part of the blood?

Question 4

Which among the following statements is correct regarding clotting of blood?

Question 5

Match the following:
I. White blood cells
II. Haemoglobin
III. Platelets
IV. Blood
1) Oxygen
2) Blood clot
3) RBC
4) Immune system

Question 6

The person of which of the following blood groups can accept the blood of any group?

Question 7

For human blood transfusion, which blood group is known as universal donor?

Question 8

Blood group was discovered by :

Question 9

The pH of human blood is between—

Question 10

Life of RBC in human blood is
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