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IIIT Hyderabad Practice Quiz : Computer organization-2

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Question 1

Which processor has the necessity of manual optimization for the generation of assembly language code especially for the embedded systems?

Question 2

Consider a disk pack with the following specifications. 128 tracks/surface, 256 sectors/track and 512 bytes/sector. The diameter of innermost track is 21 cm. Then maximum recording density is ___ KB/cm. (assume value of π=22/7)

Question 3

Consider the following floating-point number representation.

The exponent is in 2's complement representation and mantissa is in the sign magnitude representation. The range of the magnitude of the normalized numbers in this representation is

Question 4

How many times does the control unit refer to memory when it fetches and executes an indirect addressing mode instruction if the instruction is a computation type requiring an operand from memory.

Question 5

Pipeline concept is applied to enhance technique for which of the following computer
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