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Question 1

A stage in development when an organism can most rapidly acquire a particular skill or characteristic is called

Question 2

The concept of 'collective monologue' has been given by

Question 3

निम्नलिखित में से भाषा की सबसे छोटी लिखित इकाई क्या है?

Question 4

Who wrote Metafiction?

Question 5

How many wildlife sanctuaries are in Haryana?

Question 6

If A # B means, 'A is the husband of B', A % B means, 'A is the daughter of B .' So, then which of the following expressions indicates the relationship 'M is the daughter of R'?

Question 7

The value of  is                                                                   

Question 8

If  = , then the value of (2x + 5)-1 is:

Question 9

When you pour milk through a piece of cloth, cream remains on it. The method of separation here is -

Question 10

A group of three states having Bay of Bengal on one side is -
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