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HPCL ME Mock Test - 4

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Question 1

Abhay and Rohit together can complete a data entry work in 10 days. Abhay’s efficiency is 80% of Rohit’s efficiency and total key strokes in the data entry work are 396000. What is Abhay’s speed in key strokes per hour if they work for 5 hours a day?

Question 2

Direction: In the following question, a part of the sentence is printed in bold. Below the sentence alternatives to the bold part are given at (A), (B) and (C) which may improve the sentence. Choose the correct alternative. In case ‘No improvement’ is needed, your answer is (D).
The interesting tale had its beginning more than fifty years ago.

Question 3

In the following question, select the related letters from the given alternatives.

SKIT : TIKS : : ? : FLAP

Question 4

A metallic solid spherical ball of radius 3 cm is melted and recast into the three spherical balls. The radii of two of these balls are 2 cm and 1.5 cm. What is the surface area (in cm2) of the third ball?

Question 5

Given below are four jumbled sentences. Pick the option that gives their correct order.
P: The human body becomes anaemic because of the deficiency of these red blood cells

Q: Human blood contains many kinds of materials.  

R: But the most common, in all blood types, are red blood cells.

S: It includes white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets.

Question 6

If '+' means '÷'. '-' means '×', '×' means '+' and '÷' means '-', then which of the alternatives is correct ?

Question 7

On the marked price of ₹1,250 of an article, three successive discounts of 5%, 15% and 20% are offered. What will be the selling price (in₹) after all discounts?

Question 8

Direction: Choose the most appropriate option to change the voice (active/passive) form of the given sentence.

The agent had disclosed the secret before it was evening.

Question 9

For an irrotational motion___.

Question 10

Which of the ceramics can be used as pigment in paints?

Question 11

A pipe of 0.4 m diameter and 1500 m length is used to carry an oil of specific gravity 0.75. Take coefficient of friction = 0.0025. The amount of power required to maintain the oil at a rate of 0.1 m3/s will be

Question 12

Which mechanism produces intermittent rotary motion from continuous rotary motion?

Question 13

In a production model, N is the optimum number of units produced per order, v is the production rate in units per day and d is demand rate units per day.The level of maximum inventory will be

Question 14

Which of the following casting process is not a temporary moulding process

Question 15

Crossed helical gears are suitable for

Question 16

When can a Piezometer not be used for pressure measurement in pipes ?

Question 17

What is the relationship between elastic constants E, G and K?

Question 18

Anti-friction bearings are ______.

Question 19

The maximum and minimum speed of a governor is 30 rad/s and 10 rad/s. Its sensitivity is ________.

Question 20

A two-cylinder two-stroke have bore and stroke 300 mm and 500 mm respectively, Find the mean piston speed in meter per second at 300 rpm ______.
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