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History Quiz| UGC NET Paper 2

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Question 1

With reference to the religious history of medieval India, the Sufi mystics were known to pursue which of the following practices?
1) Meditation and control of breath
2) Severe ascetic exercises in a lonely place
3) Recitation of holy songs to arouse a state of ecstasy in their audience
Which of the statements given above is/are correct?  

Question 2

With reference to the Delimitation Commission, consider the following statements:
1) The orders of the Delimitation Commission cannot be challenged in a Court of Law.
2) When the orders of the Delimitation Commission are laid before the Lok Sabha or State Legislative Assembly, they cannot effect any modifications in the orders.
Which of the statements given above is/are correct?

Question 3

Quit India Movement was launched in response to the failure of:

Question 4

Consider the following statements.
I. The two priests who played a major part in the time of Rig Veda are Vasishtha and Vishvamitra.
II. Vasishtha was liberal and Vishvamitra was conservative.
III. Vishvamitra composed the gayatri mantra.
Choose the INCORRECT statement/statements.

Question 5

With reference to the Mauryan Art, consider the following statements.
Assertion(A):- The tradition of constructing pillars is very old and it may be observed that erection of pillars was prevalent in the Achamenian empire as well.
Reason(R):- The Mauryan pillars are very similar to the Achamenian pillars.
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