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HAL ME Mock Test - 7

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Question 1

Select the most appropriate antonym of the given word.


Question 2

Select the letter pair in which the two letters are related in the same way as are the two letters in the following letter pair.

N A R E N D R A : J E M J H J V E

Question 3

Where is the Mahatma Gandhi State Institute of Rural Development located?

Question 4

Anil reached a place on Friday. He came to know that he was three days earlier than the scheduled day. If he had reached there on the following Sunday. How many days late/early he would have been?

Question 5

Which country will host the World Badminton Championships in 2026?

Question 6

A metal rod is rigidity fixed at its both ends. The temperature of the rod is increased by 100 °C. If the coefficient of linear expansion and elastic modulus of the metal rod 10×10-6/ °C and 200Gpa respectively, then what is the stress produced in the rod?

Question 7

During a thermodynamic process, 84 kJ of heat flows into the system and the work done by the system is 32 kJ. The increase in thermal energy of the system is.

Question 8

Impact test is done to find ____________.

Question 9

The natural vibration equation is + 3x = 0. Find natural frequency

Question 10

Which one of the following statements is not correct?

Question 11

A wooden block rests on a horizontal force as shown in figure. The force (P) acting on it at an angle of 25°with horizontal. Assume the mass of block to be 8 Kg and coefficient of friction is 0.45.

The force (P) is __________.
Given: sin25º = 0.4226 and cos25º = 0.9063

Question 12

The specific heat of a gas are given, by Description: Description: E:\Gate\SSC JE Mechanical Part 1\Practice-Set-1_files\image093.pngwhere a, b and s are constant and T is in k. If a =0.946, b=0.662 and S = 10-4. What is the value of gas constant?

Question 13

An ideal gas at 270C is heated at constant pressure till the volume becomes three times. The temperature of the gas will then be___.

Question 14

A liquid flows through two similar pipes 1 and 2. If the ratio of their flow velocities v1 : v2 be 2:3. what will be the ratio of the head loss in the two pipes?

Question 15

Laminar developed flow at an average velocity of 5 m/s occurs in a pipe of 10 cm radius. The velocity at 5 cm radius is

Question 16

In regarding nucleate boiling __________.

Question 17

Which of the following is true about Lozenge joint?

Question 18

Allen bolts are ___________.

Question 19

In a balanced counter flow heat exchanger with , the NTU is equal to 1.0. What is the effectiveness of the heat exchanger?

Question 20

Heat is generated steadily in a 3 cm diameter spherical ball. The ball is exposed to ambient air at 26oC with a heat transfer coefficient of 7.5 W/m2-oC. The ball is to be covered with a material of thermal conductivity 0.15 W/m-oC. If the ball surface temperature remains as constant, the thickness of the covering material that will maximize heat generation within the ball, is _________.
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