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Question 1

Which of the following is located in Dehradun?

Question 2

Select the most appropriate meaning of the given idiom.

With a high hand

Question 3

Which of the following countries is a member of G ­8?

Question 4

In the questions given below, the symbols used are as
∆ = equal to
⊗ = not equal to
+ = greater than
⊘ = less than
- = not less than
O = not greater than
Which of the following expression shows the correct relationship as X > Z?

Question 5

Select the most appropriate option to fill in the blank.

My assistant took care of my appointments _______ I was away from the office.

Question 6

The energy of an isolated system always ________.

Question 7

The efficiency of IC engine is normally of the order of

Question 8

For perfectly elastic bodies, the value of coefficient of restitution is

Question 9

What is the relationship between elastic constants E, G and K?

Question 10

Scab is a defect of ____.

Question 11

For a certain 2-D incompressible flow the velocity is given by . Find the equation of streamline passing through the point (2,2)

Question 12

Trepanning is used for______.

Question 13

Which mechanism produces intermittent rotary motion from continuous rotary motion?

Question 14

The locus of the temperature distribution curve in a glass slab with uniform heat generation throughout is______.

Question 15

The efficiency of a simple gas turbine can be improved by using a regenerator, because the

Question 16

The number of radiation shield screens in case of radiation heat transfer to reduce the radiation heat exchange by 80% is __________.

Question 17

The acceleration of the piston at the position when the crank makes an angle of 90o  with the line of slider is equal to

(Consider the length of connecting rod as 250 mm and crank radius as 50 mm)

where R is crank radius and  is angular velocity of crank

Question 18

Of the radiant energy 350W/m2 incident upon a surface 250W/m2 is absorbed, 60W/m2 is reflected and the remainder is transmitted through the surface. Workout the value for reflectivity for the surface material

Question 19

Coefficient of friction in rolling operation is given as µ. What is its relation with the draft?

Question 20

The instantaneous center of rotation of a rigid thin disc rolling on a plane rigid surface is located at
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