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Question 1

The famous Irwin Declaration on 31 October 1929 promised _______.

Question 2

In which year first general election held in India?

Question 3

According to Keynes, business cycles are due to variation in the rate of investment caused by fluctuations in the

Question 4

Which of the followings is not correct?

Question 5

Given below are the different glaciation periods in geological past of the earth. Arrange them in correct order of occurrence from oldest to the youngest.
1) Wurm
2) Mindel
3) Riss
4) Gunz

Question 6

What is the symbol of Delhi state ?

Question 7

What is the SI unit of mutual inductance?

Question 8

Who invented LASIK Eye Surgery?

Question 9

Direction: The following question consists of a sentence which is divided into three parts which contain grammatical errors in one or more than one part of the sentence. If there is an error in any part of the sentence, find the correct alternatives to replace those parts from the three options given below each question to make the sentence grammatically correct. If there is an error in any part of the sentence and none of the alternatives is correct to replace that part, then choose (d), i.e., None of the (I), (II) and (III) as your answer. If the given sentence is grammatically correct or does not require any correction, choose (E), i.e., ‘No correction required’ as your answer.

While Guru Nanak is widely recognized as one of the greatest spiritual leader (I)/ and social reformers of all times, there is also need for placing his life (II)/ and teachings in context of present-day problems and need. (III)

(I) While Guru Nanak is widely recognized as one of the greatest spiritual leaders

(II) and the social reformer of all times, there is also need for placing his life
(III) and teachings in the context of present-day problems and needs

Question 10

Direction: In the following question, a sentence with four highlighted words is given. The words are denoted by (A), (B), (C) and (D). One of these words may be incorrect or inappropriate in the given context. Find the inappropriate or wrongly spelt word. If all the words are appropriate in the context then mark ‘All are correct’ as your answer.
She acted in numerous (A) plays and also took up the job (B) of revyving (C) a theatre founded (D) by her parents.

Question 11

Select the most appropriate option to fill in the blanks.

______ cart loaded with mangoes turned upside down on ______ main road.

Question 12

Given below are four jumbled sentences. Pick the option that gives their correct order.

P. He put the lamp inside his shirt. 

Q. Aladdin climbed a ladder and took down the lamp.  

R. Then he picked a lot of jewels off the trees in the garden. 

S. There was a lamp hanging on the wall. 

Question 13

Identify the best way to improve the underlined part of the given sentence. If there is no improvement required, select ‘no Improvement’.

On 14 July, 1789 an armed mob seized the Bastille, a royal prison in Paris that came to symbolize the oppressive nature of the Bourbon rulers.

Question 14

Select the related word/letters/numbers from the given alternatives:

42 : 56 :: 110 : ?

Question 15

In a certain code language, "STUBBORN" is written as "VUTAAOSP". How is "SHIPPING" written in that code language?

Question 16

A man said to a lady “Your mother’s husband’s sister is my aunt”.
How is the lady related to man?

Question 17

Select the option that is embedded in the given group figure (rotation is NOT allowed).

Question 18

Sneha earns more than Kriya but less than Sohan, Sheeba earns more than Geeta but only less than Rahul. Geeta doesn’t earn more than Sohan. If the lowest paid employee gets 1200 and Geeta gets 2500, how much money Sneha could possibly earn?

Question 19

Fourteen-year-old Bharath Subramaniyam held from which state who has become the73rd Grandmaster of India?

Question 20

Which railway station has been renamed as Ekta Nagar railway station?

Question 21

Consider the block diagram representation of a system shown in the following figure

The value of  is _____

Question 22

An AM broadcast receiver has an IF of 465 kHz and is tuned to 500 kHz with a ‘Q’ of 30 at that frequency. The image rejection ratio is

Question 23

For the given circuit the transfer characteristics are  

Question 24

The irredundant minimised logic expression corresponding to the K – map shown below is

Question 25

A fibre has refractive indices ncore = 1.47 and nClad = 1.46. The minimum angle at which the ray will strike the core-clading interface to be guided in the core is __________ degrees

Question 26

If (211)x = (152)8 then the value of x is___

Question 27

10 mV input to an amplifier gives 10 V output without feedback with negative feedback 200 mV input is required to get the same output. The feedback factor (β) is_______%

Question 28

The dominant poles of a control system are located at S = (–1 ± 2j). The damping ratio of the system is

Question 29

If X and Y logic inputs are available and their respective complements  are not available, then the minimum number of two input NAND gate required to implement X Y is __________

Question 30

If the signal  and , and a signal made by x1(n) and x2(n). this is  so fundamental time period of the signal x(n) is

Question 31

An open loop transfer function with unity feedback system is

The value of K at one of the break-away or break-in points of the root locus for the above system.

Question 32

The resolution of a 10-bit analog to digital convertor is ________%.

Question 33

Which of the following statements are true for a type-II system having unity negative feedback?

(i) Positional error constant Kp is equal to zero.

(ii) Acceleration error constant Ka is equal to infinite.

(iii) Steady state error to a unit step displacement input is equal to one.

Question 34

Consider the circuit shown in the figure below:

Assume the β of the transistor to be very large, the value of the collector valtage Vc is equal to

Question 35

In 8085, if the clock frequency is 5 MHz, the time required to execute an instruction of 18 T-states is

Question 36

Which logic gate is used to detect overflow in 2's complement arithmetic?

Question 37

The following logic gate is equivalent to:

Question 38

The Depletion region formed in the P-N junction shows:

Question 39

The asymptotic bode magnitude plot for open loop transfer function of a unity negative feedback system is shown in figure. If the input is , then the steady state error will be _______

Question 40

For the circuit shown below the value of  is

Question 41

The following is generally true. RC snubber is used to protect the SCR

Question 42

The carrier c(t) = A cos 2π106t is angle modulated (PM or FM) by the sinusoidal signal m(t)=2 cos 2000πt. The deviation constants are kp =1.5 rad/V and kf = 3000 Hz/V. If βf and βp denote the modulation indices of FM and PM systems respectively, then the values of are βf and βp respectively are?

Question 43

The minimum number of 2 input NAND gate required to implement the Boolean function is________

Question 44

The conductivity σ as a function of 1/T, where T is the temperature, for a semiconducting material varies as shown in the figure. Using this information, state whether a resistance made from intrinsic semiconductor will have

Question 45

In a quartz crystal circuit as shown, resonant frequency variation over time with the crystal is:

Question 46

A certain 8-bit successive approximation type analog to digital converter has full scale voltage of 2.65 V, if the conversion time for VA = 1.5 V is 75 μs, then the conversion time for VA = 2.5 V is.

Question 47

24 MHz clock frequency is applied to a cascaded counter of MOD-3, MOD-4 and MOD-5 counters. The lowest output frequency and the overall MOD value of the cascaded counter are

Question 48

The equivalent capacitance seen across the terminals x and y if the circuit shown below is ___μF.

Question 49

A single mode fibre does not suffer from which type of dispersion?

Question 50

For a given inductor, the value of the inductance is ‘L’, the number of turns is ‘N’, relative permeability (μr) is ‘1’, the area of cross-section is ‘A’ and the length of core is ‘l’, if the inductor is immersed in a liquid having μr = 0.25, then the value of the new inductance will be
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