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Question 1

What was the real name of Bahadur Shah-I?

Question 2

“AADHAR” is a programme _________?

Question 3

When labour supply curve bends backward

Question 4

The book ‘Cricket My Style’ has been written by

Question 5

Which of the following country is known as the "Cockpit of Europe" ?

Question 6

As per the guidelines of United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), arrange the following pollutants in order of their priority (highest to lowest)
1) Petroleum hydrocarbons
2) DDT
3) Suspended particles
4) Mercury compounds
5) Arsenic

Question 7

_____ is a process in which impure water is boiled and the steam is collected and condensed in a separate container, leaving many of the solid contaminants behind.

Question 8

Positive and Negative Electric charges were discovered by?

Question 9

Direction: In the question given below the parts of the sentence which are highlighted are grammatically correct. Choose that part of the sentence which is not highlighted and is grammatically incorrect. Ensure that the meaning of the statement remains unchanged.
GDP is really not a comprehensive measure of economic development, because the primary method of measuring GDP is based on absurd calculations that include some values and completely, rather arbitrarily, excludes any other consideration of distribution of income.

Question 10

Direction: In the following question, a sentence with four highlighted words is given. The words are denoted by (A), (B), (C) and (D). One of these words may be incorrect or inappropriate in the given context. Find the inappropriate or wrongly spelt word.
When it’s freezing (A) outside, few things can be compare (B) to the comfort (C) of your own home(D).

Question 11

Select the most appropriate option to fill in the blank.

_______ he became a minister, he didn’t allow any of his relatives to live with him.

Question 12

Given below are four jumbled sentences. Pick the option that gives their correct order.
P. But a great deal of food is still carried on the heads of women and the backs of animals.

Q. Over the desert sands, camels carry loads of salt, dates and cheese from one oasis to another.

R. Trucks, trains, planes and refrigerator ships are new ways of carrying food.

S. In many countries, women carry food to market on their heads.

Question 13

Identify the best way to improve the underlined part of the given sentence. If there is no improvement required, select ‘no Improvement’.
The British dominion all over Africa and Asia collapsed in the first half of the twentieth century.

Question 14

Select the related number from the given alternatives.

24 : 60 : : 120 : ?

Question 15

If 144 * 2 = 9, 312 * 3 = 5, then what should be 625 * 5 be?

Question 16

A woman pointing to a person said, “He is the son of my father’s only daughter.” How is the woman related to the person?

Question 17

From the given answer figures select the one in which of the question figure is hidden/embedded.

Question 18

Direction: Study the data carefully and answer the questions accordingly.

Six people F, G, H, J, K, and L are there of different weights. The weight of L is less than 45kg. The one, who is the second heaviest, is 72kg. F is lighter than J and heavier than G, who is not the lightest. The one, who is the second lightest, is 48kg. J is lighter than K. Only one person is heavier than K.

Who is the heaviest amongst all?

Question 19

Which of the following entities has organized the first ever Startup India Innovation Week from 10th to 16th January 2022?

Question 20

What is the carrying capacity of the India's first indigenous aircraft carrier (IAC) Vikrant?

Question 21

Upper 3 dB cut-off of common emitter amplifier depends on.

Question 22

A 360 W carrier is simultaneously modulated by two audio waves with modulation percentages of 55 and 65 respectively. The effective modulation index and the total power radiated are

Question 23

What is ratio of Nyquist sampling rate of sinc3(100πt) to the sampling rate of 0.75sinc2(50πt)

Question 24

Capacitive microphone is based on which of the following type of transducers?

Question 25

The FT of the signal  is

Question 26

The number of roots of the equation 2s4 + s3 + 3s2 + 5s + 7 = 0 which lie in the right half of s plane is

Question 27

Determine the fundamental period of the signal

x(t) = 2Cos(10t + 1) – sin(4t – 1)

Question 28

A finite state machine

Question 29

When the total charge in a capacitor is tripled, the energy stored-

Question 30

For a two-port network, the condition of Symmetry in terms of z-parameters is

Question 31

The advantages of an LVDT is/are?

1) Linearity

2) Infinite resolution

3) Low hysteresis

Question 32

In case of measuring current using ammeter, we have to:

Question 33

Two resistances, one of 30 Ω and another of unknown value, are connected in parallel. The total power dissipated in the circuit is 450 W when the applied voltage is 90V. The unknown resistance is

Question 34

A multimode step index fiber with a core diameter 40 μm and a relative index difference of 1.5% is operating at a wavelength of 0.75 μm. If the core refractive index is 1.48 then find the normalized frequency for the fiber and number of guide modes?

Question 35

A unity feedback system has an open-loop transfer function  If the damping ratio is 0.5, then what is the value of K?

Question 36

An 8-bit D/A converter has step size of 20 mV. The full-scale output and the resolution will be nearly

Question 37

When a sinusoidal signal of 220 V, 50 Hz produces on CRO a vertical deflection of 2 cm at a particular setting of the vertical gain control, what would be the value of the voltage to be applied to produce a deflection of 3 cm for the same vertical gain?

Question 38

Consider the following statements FET when compared to BJT has

1. High input impedance

2. Current flows due to majority carriers

3. Current flows due to minority carriers.

4. Low input impedance.

Which of the statements is/are correct?

Question 39

Consider a binary channel whose channel matrix is given by. Consider x as input and y as output and if, then the value of is

Question 40

Consider a sequential circuit using three J – K flip flops and one AND gate shown in figure, output of the circuit becomes ‘1’ after every N clock cycles. The value of N is-

Question 41

The signal m(t) = sinc (2 × 104t) is frequency modulated with K = 103 Hz/V. What is the maximum instantaneous frequency of the modulated signal when carrier frequency is 1 MHz?

Question 42

In CRO, which section is responsible for stabilizing a repeating signal
i) Vertical system
ii) Horizontal system
iii) Trigger system

Question 43

the unilateral Laplace transform of a signal x(t) is

at t = 1 sec, the time signal x(t) is___

Question 44

A GRIN fiber with parabolic refractive index profile core has a refractive index at the core axis of 1.5 and relative index difference at 1%. Calculate maximum possible core diameter that allows single mode operations at λ = 1.3 μm

Question 45

If, then and its ROC is

Question 46

For the Given state variable model {A, B, C} of a single input, single output system.

The asymptotic stability is determined from

Question 47

A carrier is modulated by digital bit stream having one of the possible phase of 0°, 90°, 180° and 270°. Then the modulation is termed as

Question 48

The total offset voltage for an op-amp circuit shown below with the values of input offset Vio = 5mV and input offset current Iio = 100 nA is:

Question 49

For an FM receiver, SNR at output is 30 dB while SNR at input is 20 dB. Modulation index of the FM signal will be?

Question 50

The reliability of an instrument refers to
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