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GS/GK Quiz 24.10.2022

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Question 1

'Pathinenkilkanakku' is related to which of the following Sangam?

Question 2

Which element of the state was added by Arthashastra, written by Kautilya?

Question 3

Which atmospheric layer is responsible for the deflection of radio waves?

Question 4

Which of the following is an example of intrusive igneous rock?

Question 5

The power to decide the date of an election to a State Legislative Assembly rests with the_______.

Question 6

Which one of the following Fundamental Rights incorporates the Right to Elementary Education?

Question 7

World Day Against Child Labour is observed every year on which day?

Question 8

The amount of energy during transfer from one tropic level to another in an ecosystem

Question 9

Which of the given chemicals is used in photography?

Question 10

The material used in the manufacture of lead pencil is
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