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GS/GK Quiz 13.06.2022

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Question 1

Bhoodan movement started in which of the following states?

Question 2

The official ‘Agronomai’ during Mauryan age was related with which of the following field?

Question 3

Who among the following was the author of the book ‘Kitab-i-Nauras’?

Question 4

Which Article of the Indian Constitution is related to appointment of Governor?

Question 5

With reference to the President of India, which of the following statements is not correct?

Question 6

With reference to Balance of Payment (BoP), Grants are included under

Question 7

The contraction and expansion of the walls of the food pipe is called movement name:

Question 8

When is World Food Safety Day observed?

Question 9

Article 67 with respect to the Vice-President deals with

Question 10

Who amongst the following founded the Khudai Khidmatgar Andolan?
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