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GK Quiz on Indian Polity : President : 08.03.2021

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Question 1

Who can initiate impeachment proceedings against the President of India?

Question 2

The President of India addresses his resignation letter to the ____.

Question 3

Who administers the oath of office to the President?

Question 4

In the absence of the president of India, if vice-President is not available, who of the following can act as the President?

Question 5

Who acts as the channel of communication between the President and the Council Ministers?

Question 6

Who was the first President of India?

Question 7

The Parliament of India consists of (i) President (ii) Rajya Sabha (iii) Lok Sabha (iv) Vice President

Question 8

Who was the third President of the Indian Republic?

Question 9

In India the supreme command of the Defence Forces is vested in the President. This means that,  in the exercise of this power -

Question 10

Which of the following are true with respect to ordinance making power of the president :
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