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GK & Current Affairs Quiz 07.07.2018

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Question 1

Who has developed the CBIC’s (Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs) ‘GST Verify’ app to protect interest of consumers?

Question 2

Who has been appointed as the Chairman of the Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT)?

Question 3

Which of state govt. has signed pact with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) to set up ‘Design University for Gaming’?

Question 4

Poet and writer Donald Hall who wrote more than 40 books passed away. He belonged to ________.

Question 5

Who is the incumbent Prime Minister of Bhutan?

Question 6

Who has been elected as the President of 73rd United Nations General Assembly (UNGA)?

Question 7

Who has become the first woman IPS officer to head the force in the Union Territory (UT)?

Question 8

Pandharpur Wari is the annual pilgrimage of which of the following states?

Question 9

In July 2018, which country hosted the 8th International Convention of Saurashtra Patel Cultural Samaj 2018?

Question 10

Which state government has launched the subsidised power scheme ‘Sambal’ for labourers and poor families?
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