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GK and Current Affairs Quiz: 25.06.2020

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Question 1

Who has been reappointed as the deputy governor of Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in March 2020?

Question 2

Which Indian journalist was honoured with India’s Most Powerful Woman in Media Award during the prestigious Confluence Excellence Award ceremony held in the British parliament on 27 September 2019?

Question 3

Which International organization released the ‘World Energy Outlook 2019’ Report?

Question 4

Asian Development Bank approved how much loan to India in April, 2020 to fight against Coronavirus pandemic (in USD $)?

Question 5

Which of the following was NOT a type of sacrifice performed by kings in ancient India to establish their position?

Question 6

Which of the following is the only correct pair as described by Chola inscriptions?

Question 7

Who among the following is not a part of Union Executive?

Question 8

Punchhi Commission was related to_____.

Question 9

Which is the densest planet of the solar system?

Question 10

The _____ lake in Gujarat was an artificial reservoir built during the rule of the Mauryas.
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