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Question 1

The Aga Khan Palace is one of the important landmarks in Indian history, It is located in ______.

Question 2

Who was the first independent ruler of the Ghaznavid dynasty, ruling from 998 to 1030?

Question 3

Swadeshi movement was officially declared on

(A) 15 December, 1905

(B) 7 August, 1905

(C) 26 February, 1906

(D) 18 July 1905

Question 4

Who lead the Battle of Plassey?

(A) Robert Clive

(B) Lord Dalhousie

(C) Warren Hasting

(D) James Heartly

Question 5

Bituminous coal contains _____ % of carbon.

Question 6

Which one of the following caves is situated in Maharashtra?

Question 7

Which is most literate state of India?

Question 8

Who is the Police Commissioner of New Delhi?

Question 9

Who is the Delhi Rural Development Minister?

Question 10

Who is known as the first citizen of India?
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