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GK and Current Affairs Quiz: 08.02.2020

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Question 1

The Fifteenth summit between India and the European Union (EU) was held on_______________.

Question 2

Know India Programme has been launched by?

Question 3

Under the Indus Water Treaty (IWT), India has been given the exclusive right over the rivers of ____________.

Question 4

India has Kalapani and Susta territorial dispute with which of the following countries ?

Question 5

Where is the Roland Garros Grand Slam of Tennis held?

Question 6

With which region do you associate the ‘Pabna’ movement which happened between 1870 to 1880?

Question 7

The words “A flag is necessary for all nations. Millions of people have died for this." were said by whom?

Question 8

Who founded the missionaries of charity and Nirmal Hriday, a home for the dying destitute??

Question 9

Who established Central Hindu College in 1898?

Question 10

The Company lost its monopoly on trade with China through____.
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