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Geometry Mix || 25.02.2021

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Question 1

ABDC is a parallelogram in which diagonals AD and BC intersect at O. AE and DF are perpendiculars on BC at E and F, respectively. Which of the following is NOT true?

Question 2

In ∆ABC, B is a right angle, and D is the midpoint of the side AC. If AB = 6 cm, BC = 8cm, then the length of BD is

Question 3

The sides BA and DE of a regular pentagon are produced to meet at F. What is the measure of EFA?

Question 4

In a parallelogram ABCD side AB = 20 cm, BC = 16 cm, Diagonal BD = 18 cm. Find the length of another diagonal.

Question 5

OABC is a rhombus. The vertices A, B and C lies on the circumference of a circle whose centre is at O. Find the area of the circle if the area of the rhombus is 6√3 cm2.

Question 6

The equation of circle with centre (1, -2) and radius 4 cm is:

Question 7

In the given figure, PQRS is a quadrilateral. If QR = 18 cm and PS = 9 cm, then what is the area (in cm2) of quadrilateral PQRS?

Question 8

In the figure, QRTS is a cyclic quadrilateral. If PT = 5 cm, SQ = 4 cm, PS = 6 cm and PQR = 63°, then what is the value (in cm) of TR?

Question 9

One of the sides of an equilateral triangle lies on the line 6x+8y+7 = 0 and the coordinates of its centroid is (2,2). Find the length of the side. 

Question 10

Two circles of radius 7 cm and 5 cm intersect each other at A and B. If the distance between their centres ¡s 10 cm, then find the length of the common chord AB. 
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