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Geometry Mix || 09.02.2021

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Question 1

AB is a diameter of a circle with centre O, and P is a point on the circle. If POA=130°, then PBO is equal to :

Question 2

In the following figure drawn below, RT is perpendicular to PR. If P : Q: R = 9:8:7, then find the measure of SRT?

Question 3

In the adjoining figure, ABC is right angle triangle, BDEF is a square, AE = 12.5 cm and AC = 30 cm. What is the area of triangle ABC?

Question 4

The exterior angle of a triangle is 115° and the corresponding interior opposite angles are in the ratio 2:3. The measure of greatest angle of the triangle is:

Question 5

What is the area (in sq. units) of the triangle formed by the graphs of the equations 2x + 5y – 12 = 0, x + y = 3 and y = 0?

Question 6

In the given figure, find the length of AQ. Radius of the circles are 15 cm and 8 cm respectively and the distance between the centres of the circles is 46 cm. 

Question 7

Find the average of ∠x and ∠y. 

Question 8

The area of a triangle is 216 cm2 and its sides are in the ratio 3: 4: 5. The perimeter of the triangle is

Question 9

What is the equation of the line if its slope is 1/4 and y-intercept is -3?

Question 10

The parallel sides of a trapezium are 20 cm and 10 cm and its non-parallel sides are equal to each other. If its area is 180 cm2, then what is the length (in cm) of each non-parallel side?
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