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Geometry || 11.04.2021

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Question 1

In a circle with centre O, AB is a diameter. Points C, D and E are on the circle on one side of AB such that ABEDC is a pentagon. The sum of angles ACD and DEB is :

Question 2

The area (in square units) of the triangle formed by the graphs with equations x=4, y=3 and 3x+4y= 12 is: 

Question 3

In a right angled triangle ABC, angle C = 90o and CD is the perpendicular on Hypotenuse AB. If BC = 15 cm and AC = 20cm then CD is equal to:

Question 4

The ratio of the supplementary angles is 2 : 3. The angles are:

Question 5

Quadrilateral ABCD is circumscribed about a circle. If the lengths of AB, BC and CD are 7 cm, 8.5 cm, and 9.2 cm respectively, then the length (in cm) of DA is

Question 6

A regular hexagon having its side as 15 cm. Calculate the area of hexagon?

Question 7

A 8 cm long perpendicular is drawn from the centre of a circle to a 12 cm long chord. The diameter of the circle is

Question 8

In a triangle, if orthocentre, circumcentre, incentre and centroid coincide, then the triangle must be 

Question 9

Each interior angle of a regular polygon is three times its exterior angle, then the number of sides of the regular polygon is:

Question 10

O is the circumcentre of the triangle ABC with circumradius 13 cm. If BC = 24 cm and OD is perpendicular to BC. Then, the length of OD is:
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