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Geography Quiz 12. 02. 2018

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Question 1

Region between the Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn is called the “Tropics”. Which of the following statements is/are correct about it?
1). The tropics mark the limits of overhead sun.
2). Within tropics the four seasons are almost indistinguishable.

Question 2

Match the following different names of different mountain type.

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Question 3

Consider the following:
1). The continental shelf is a part of continent submerged due to rise in sea level or wave erosion.
2). In some places where the coasts are extremely mountainous, the continental shelf may be entirely absent.
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Question 4

Consider the following about Hotspots:
1). Hot spot volcanism is unique because it does not occur at the boundaries of Earth's tectonic plates.
2). Instead it occurs at abnormally hot centers known as mantle plumes.
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Question 5

Assertion: We do not experience strong upward winds despite of the fact that the vertical pressure gradient force is much larger than that of the horizontal pressure gradient.
Reason:As it is generally balanced by a nearly equal but opposite gravitational force.
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Question 6

Recently in 2006, Pluto was reduced to the status of a Dwarf Planet. What are the characteristics of these Dwarf Planets?
1). They failed to develop a spherical shape.
2). They have comparatively less mass and weak gravitational pull at center.
3). They also failed to clear their orbits from rock fragments in their region.
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Question 7

The waterfall ‘Victoria’ is associated with the river

Question 8

The earth is made up of different concentric layers. Which of the following layer of the earth is known as Barysphere?

Question 9

A state in India has the following characteristics:
1) Its northern part is arid and semiarid.
2) Its central part produces cotton.
3) Cultivation of cash crops is predominant over food crops.
Which one of the following states has all of the above characteristics ?

Question 10

Which of the following is true with regards to the Ex-situ conservation?
1) It is practiced outside the habitats of genetic resources.
2) Zoos, genetic resource centers, national parks, botanical gardens etc. falls in this domain.
3) Ex-situ conservation may also be done by forming gene pools, gamete storage for fish.
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