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Question 1

Given that the peripheral speed of the grinding wheel of 100 mm diameter for cylindrical grinding of a steel workplace is 30 m/s, what will be the estimated rotational speed of the grinding wheel in revolution per minute (rpm)_____?

Question 2

A slot is to be milled by a side and face milling cutter with 10 teeth and of diameter 150 mm. the cutting speed is 50 m/min and feed is 0.95 mm/tooth. The table feed in mm/min will be_____?

Question 3

A block of length 200mm is machined by a slab milling cutter 34mm in diameter. The depth of cut and table feed are set at 2mm and 18mm/minute, respectively. Considering the approach and the over travel of the cutter to be same, the minimum estimated machining time per pass is _____________ minutes.

Question 4

In a slab milling, the average thickness is 0.031 mm. If diameter of cutter = 90 mm, Number of teeth on cutter = 10, cutting speed = 30 m/min, table feed = 180 mm/min, the depth of cut will be _________ mm.

Question 5

A grinding operation require 5 kW of power to be carried by the motor. The material removal rate is given as 23.65 mm3/sec and the grinding ratio is given as 12. Find the wear rate (in mm3 /sec) of the grinding grains of the grinding wheel.

Question 6

The grinding wheel is considered better, if the grinding ratio is
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