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GATE ME 2021 || General Aptitude Quiz 4

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Question 1

Alloy A contain 80% copper and rest is tin. Alloy B contain 85% copper, 10% tin & rest are impurities. In which ratio both alloys are mixed so that in new mixture percentage of tin will be 15 % ?

Question 2

A shopkeeper allows 13% discount on the marked price of an article and makes a profit of 23%. Find the approximate marked price of article, if he gains a profit of ₹240.12.

Question 3

Distance covered by a person in upstream in 9 hrs is equal to distance covered by him in 7 hrs in downstream. If speed of current is 2 km/h then what is speed of boat in still water?

Question 4

3 doctors and 4 teachers can earn Rs. 756 in 7 days. 11 doctors and 13 teachers can earn Rs. 3008 in 8 days. In how many days can 7 doctors and 9 teachers earn Rs. 2480?

Question 5

The total population of a town is 240000 in which 132000 are female . Out of every 100 female, 90 love cricket. But over all 64% people love cricket in total population. Find percentage of cricket loving male in total male population.

Question 6

A steamer takes one hour more to go 48km upstream than the time to go 60 km downstream . if the steamer takes equal time to cover 30 km downstream and 18km upstream then find the ratio of the speed of the boat in still water and speed of stream .
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