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GATE EC 2022 : Networks Quiz 6

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Question 1

A 20mF capacitor is initially charged to 50 V DC. It is then allowed to discharged through a resistance R. If after 10 seconds the potential difference across the capacitor is 25 V, then the value of R will be ______ kW.

Question 2

A capacitor C is charged through a resistance R from a D.C. voltage. If C = 10 mF and R = 1 KΩ, find the time taken (in sec) by the capacitor to receive 90% of its final charge.

Question 3

For the RL circuit shown in the below figure, the inductor is carrying a current of I0 for t<0.

If a unit step input is applied at t=0, then the current i(t) at t= will be (assueme )

Question 4

Find the energy stored in the circuit_____________mJ

Question 5

A 10mH inductor with resistor ‘R’ draws a current of 5 A from a 30V,=1000 rad/sec supply. The angular frequency ‘’ (in rad/sec) at which circuit draws the same current from a 15V supply is.

Question 6

For the circuit shown below the resonant frequency f0 is

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