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GATE EC 2022 : Networks Quiz 3

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Question 1

Maximum power transfer occurs at ______ efficiency.

Question 2

A network contains dual ideal voltage sources and large no of equal ideal resistors. The power consumption of one of the resistor is 12W when one of the sources is active and the other is replaced by the short circuit. The power consumed by the same resistor when both the sources are active at the same time will be

Question 3

consider the following circuit

Under maximum power transfer case, current in circuit is ‘I1’, find value of RL to make this current ‘2I1

Question 4

Calculate Thevenin’s resistance Rth(in Ω) across terminals A and B:

Question 5

In the given circuit, the maximum power (in Watts) that can be transferred to the load RL is ________.
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Question 6

For the circuit shown in figure, Thevenin’s voltage and Thevenin’s equivalent resistance at terminals a – b is
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