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Question 1

Consider a system having 60% of its instruction is write operations. Hit rate for read operation is 0.7. Cache access time and main memory access time is 3 ns and 75 ns respectively. Then average access time of the system in ns if write through policy is used.

Question 2

Consider a cache memory whose access time is 10 ns and main memory access time is 100 ns. Assume the hit ratio of read operation is 0.75 and total of 40 percentage references are for write operation. The average access time (in ns) if write through technique is used ______.

Question 3

Which of the following statements are True?

S1: Reference bit in page table entry used for page replacement.

S2: In hierarchical memory access organization, CPU perform read and write operation on only

level 1 memory.

S3: In simultaneous memory access organization, CPU perform read and write operation on any

level of memory.

Question 4

Consider a cache with 32 blocks and each block of size 32 bytes. The byte address 1216 of main memory will mapped to line number ________ of cache.

Question 5

Consider the following statements:
S1 : Doubling the line size halves the number of tags in the cache.
S2 : Doubling the associativity doubles the number of tags in the cache.
S3 : Doubling the line size usually reduce compulsory misses.
Which of the above statements is always true?

Question 6

Consider a cache of size 64 bytes, with block size 16 bytes and main memory is divided into blocks of 16 bytes each i.e. block 0 has address 0 to 15 so on. Consider the following program that access memory in given sequence:

1. Access address 63 through 70

2. Loop (i) 15 through 32,

            (ii)80 through 95

           Jump to Loop

If cache is organized as direct cache and loop is accessed 10 times, then the hit ratio is ________.
(Assume line 0 contain address 0, 4, 8 etc. and line 1 contain address 1, 5, 7 etc. and so on.) [Upto 2 decimal places]

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