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GATE 2025 EMT Foundation Quiz 46

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Question 1

A distortion less line has characteristic Z0 = 100 Ω, attenuation constant α= 10 mNp/m and phase velocity v= 2 × 108 m/s. The primary constants R and L are respectively.

Question 2

The electric field intensity given by represents a UPW propagating along y direction in a non-magnetic dielectric medium. The dielectric constant is

Question 3

The electric field intensity of a wave is given by.
Choose the correct option of the following wave

Question 4

Consider a dielectric (ϵr = 2.25) filled rectangular waveguide with dimensions a x b (a > b). If the cut off frequency of the guide is 4 GHz, then the value of dimension a is ________ cm.

Question 5

An air filled rectangular wave guide is operating at 6 GHz with dominant propagating inside it. If the wavelength inside the wave guide is 6cm, then the wave impedance of the mode is given by ______Description: E:\Gate\Gate-EC\04_Elctromgntic_BL-done_files\image035.png.
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