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GATE 2025 Communication Systems Foundation Quiz 33

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Question 1

A superhetrodyne receiver is to operate in 450kHz – 1550kHz, with intermediate frequency 450 kHz. The value of  is

Question 2

A signal is sampled at 8 kHz and is quantized using 8 bit uniform quantizer. Assuming SNRq for a sinusoidal signal, the correct statement for PCM signal with a bit rate of R is

Question 3

if an FM and PM system are employed with same output signal to noise ratio. Then the ratio of bandwidth for PM for FM signal is (Here= modulation index of FM)

Question 4

A PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) system uses 8-bit encoder and uniform quantization. What is the maximum bandwidth(in MHz) of the low-pass input message signal for which the bit rate of the system is 20Mbps?

Question 5

Modulating signal  is transmitted using PCM system. Minimum possible quantization error should be at atmost 0.5% of maximum amplitude of m(t). Sampling rate is 10% higher than Nyquist rate. Find Bit rate.
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