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GATE 2025 Communication Systems Evaluation Quiz 7

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Question 1

An angle modulated signal is given by s(t) = cos(4000πt) cos(5 sin200πt) + sin (4000πt) sin (5 sin200πt). The instantaneous frequency of the angle modulated signal at time t = 5 ms will be _____ kHz.

Question 2

The capacity of gaussian channel of bandwidth 5 kHz with noise PSD 10-7 W/Hz (two sided) when signal energy is 0.2 is ______× 104 bps.

Question 3

In a AM signal, received signal power is with a maximum modulating signal of 5kHz.The noise spectral density at the receiver input is .If noise power is restricted to the message signal bandwidth only then signal-to-noise ratio at the input to the receiver is_______ (dB)

Question 4

A discrete source transmits message with probabilities 0.4, 0.3, 0.3 respectively. The source is connected to the given channel. Calculate

Question 5

In a delta modulation system, message signal quantized with a step size of 0.01V, sampled at the rate of 100 samples/sec. Which of the following signal avoids slope overload distortion?
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