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GATE 2024 EDC Foundation Quiz 21

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Question 1

The resistivity of a certain specimen (doped semi-conductor) is 7.86 x 10-3Ω-m, and the hall co-efficient of the same specimen is 2.83 x 10-4 m3c-1. Now determine the majority carrier mobility in cm2V-1S-1 unit.

Question 2

In an ideal silicon junction diode :



Then the ratio of so that 80in depletion region is carried by electrons is _____

Question 3

In a uniformly doped BJT, assume that NE, NB and NC are the emitter, base and collector doping in atoms/cm3, respectively. If the emitter injection efficiency of the BJT is close to unity, which one of the following condition is true

Question 4

The data sheet for an EMOSFET operating in saturation region gives
ID (on) = 450mA, VGS = 12V, Vth = 2V,

The drain current for VGS = 6V is _______mA

Question 5

If the efficiency of photodetector is 100% for the incident light with 50μm wavelength. Then the responsivity (in A/W) of photo detector is
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