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GATE 2024 Communication System Foundation Quiz 34

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Question 1

The intermediate frequency of an AM super-heterodyne receiver is 475 KHz and local oscillator frequency (fLO) of mixer is set at higher of two possible values such that fLO< fc always. If carrier frequency (fc) of the received signal is 1050 KHz, find carrier frequency (in kHz) of corresponding image signal.

Question 2

A modulating signal is amplified by 60% efficiency amplifier before being combined with a 40kW carrier to generate an AM signal. The required DC input power to the amplifier, for the system to operate at 80% modulation would be -

Question 3

A signal of 5 kHz frequency is amplitude modulated on a carrier wave of frequency 2 MHz. The frequencies of the resultant signal is./are :

Question 4

For the AM envelope shown below, determine the total power transmitted is _____W.

Question 5Multiple Correct Options

A device with input x(t) and output y(t) is characterized by y(t) = x(t/3). An FM signal with frequency deviation of 40 kHz and modulating signal with band-width of 10 kHz is applied to the device. Which of the following is/are correct-
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