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Question 1

The probability of electron occupied by certain energy level E in semiconductor is 0.0474. Then how far is this energy level from the Fermi level Ef

Question 2

Find the average conversion time(in μs) required for the counter – type

ADC (5 – bit) and frequency of clock = 5 MHz

Question 3

A communication channel of bandwidth 75 kHz is required to transmit data at the rate of 0.1 Mbps using raised cosine pulse. The roll off factor  is ……………

Question 4

A time varying electric field in free space is given by

The corresponding displacement current density vector Jd in the medium is

Question 5

The circuit shown which has 1ns, 2ns, 3ns, 4ns, 5ns as respective propagation delays of not gates in order then the total time period of wave produced at output is ___ (ns)

Question 6

An amplifier with voltage gain Av = 40 has negative “voltage series feedback”. The voltage gain with feedback Avf = 8. If Ri = 1kΩ and Ro = 50kΩ, the values of these with feedback i.e. Rif and Rof respectively are

Question 7

What is the phase shift provided in the feedback network of Wein Bridge Oscillator?

Question 8

The transfer function of a lead compensation network is given below.

The mid corner frequency is _______rad/sec

Question 9

For a p+n abrupt Junction diode, the doping Concentration in the n-region is 2 × 1015/cm3. If the critical field at Avalanche Breakdown is 2 × 105 v/cm, then the breakdown village will be approximately

Question 10

The tracking error at different input carrier frequencies of an AM super heterodyne receiver, operating in the range (550 + 1650) KHz is shown in :

The intermediate frequency of receiver is 450 KHz. If the maximum frequency of modulating signal is 7 KHz, find minimum bandwidth (in kHz) required by IF Amplifier of receiver

Question 11

A Hertzian dipole of length L = 2 m operates at 1 MHz. Find the radiation efficiency if the copper conductor has σc = 57 µS/m  ,µr = 1 and radius a = 1 mm.

Question 12

MOSFET can be used as a?

Question 13

A 5 bit D/A converter produce Vout = 0.2 V for a digital input of 0001. Find the value of Vout for an input of 11111.

Question 14

The value of at t=1.5 for x(t) = u(t) + r(t) – 2r(t–1) +r(t–2) – u(t–2) is____?

Question 15

The time signal corresponding to  is

Question 16

Consider a op-amp circuit shown in figure

If open loop gain of the amplifier is 104, and Rin = 105 Ω and Ro = 1 kΩ so, value of is _____.

Question 17

Consider the signal cos(30t) sampled at ω5 = 40 rad/sec using a unit impulse train. The sampled signal is filtered with an ideal lowpass filter with unity gain and cut off frequency ωc = 40 rad/sec.

The resulting output is:

Question 18

For a transmission line at frequency of 300 MHz. We have, first maxima occurs at 1/8 m from the load. ZL = jRL , Where RL = k.R0 and R0 = characteristic impedance of line.

Then k = _________? (positive value of k)

Question 19

Two random variables X and Y are distributed according to
The probability is

Question 20

A source delivers 4 symbols with probabilities P(W) = P(X) = P(Y) = p and P(Z). Determine the highest possible entropy, corresponding value of p and the range over which p can vary.

Question 21

Consider the electrical network shown in the figure below along with its state equation

The state matrix A is equal to

Question 22

Consider the signal y(t) = x1(t) * x2(t). If x1(t) = 2cos(4t) u (t) & x2(t) = sin(2t) u (t). Then the value of y(t) a is ______

Question 23

What will be the next approximation to the solution of non-linear set of equation given by F(x,y) = x2 + y2 – 8 = 0 and G(x,y) = x2 - xy – 6 = 0 with initial approximation of x0 = 1 and y0 = 1. i.e; x1 = ? and y1 = ?

Question 24

Calculate the 3 dB cut off frequency due to capacitor C2, if Vt = 1 volt,

Question 25

Let u = sin-1( x2y2/ x + y ) then what is the value of Uxx + 2Uxy + Uyy

Question 26

A control system with a PD controller is shown in figure

If the velocity error constant kv = 60 and the damping ratio = 0.6 then value of kp + kD =

Question 27

Direction: Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below.

Samsung mobile company has manufactured total 300000 mobiles of six different models S1, S2, S3, S4, S5 and S6 in years 2016 and 2017

Following graphs shows the percentage of six models manufactured by Samsung in 2016 and 2017

Ratio of the total number of mobiles manufactured by Samsung in 2016 to 2017 is 2:3

Find the total number of mobiles of model S2 manufactured in 2016 and S4 manufactured in 2017

Question 28

Given figure shows a pair of signals S1(t) and S2(t) that are orthogonal to each other over the interval 0 < t < 3T. The received signal is defined by

x(t) = Sk (t) + ω(t), 0 < t < 3T

k = 1, 2

where ω(t) is white Gaussian noise of zero mean and power spectral density N0/2.

Given erfc(1.414) = 0.045

Calculate the average probability of symbol error incurred by this receiver for  where E is the signal Energy,

Question 29

A vertical pole and a vertical tower are standing on the same level ground. Height of the pole is 18 metres. From the top of the pole, the angle of elevation of the top of the tower and angle of depression of the foot of the tower are 60⁰ and 30⁰ respectively. Find the height of the tower.

Question 30

A loop as shown in figure is made to rotate in uniform magnetic Bo axwb/m2 The loop rotates at a frequency of 50 Hz about cuts the flux lines, and at time t = 0, it is at t = 1 msec, in mA is ________. (Bo = 50 m Wb/m2)

Question 31

A two-digit number is 15 more than four times of the number obtained by reversing its digits. If the product of digits in the two-digit number is 9, then what is the number?

Question 32

In the amplifier circuit shown in figure, the NMOS has gm = 6 m and very high rd. The magnitude of voltage gain |Av| is____________.

Question 33

Given the periodic signal x(t) = (Where, n is even) the dc component of this signal is ______.

Question 34

For a feedback control system with G(s) H(s) = for the system to have oscillation with no damping, the value of k and its frequency of oscillations are

Question 35

Number of literals in the minimized expression of following Boolean function P of 5 variables is_______.

P(A, B, C, D, E) = Σm (0, 2, 8, 10, 16, 18, 24, 26)

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