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GATE 2020: Strength of Material Quiz 1

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Question 1

If the ratio G/E (G = Rigidity modulus, E = Young’s modulus of elasticity) is 0.4, then what is value of the Poisson ratio?

Question 2

The maximum strain energy corresponding to the stress at the elastic limit is known as ____

Question 3

In the arrangement as shown in the figure, the stepped steel bar ABC is loaded by load P. The material has young’s modulus E= 200 GPa and the two portions AB and BC have area cross section 1cm2 and 2cm2 respectively. The magnitude of load P required to fill up the gap of 0.75 mm is
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Question 4

A rectangular region in a solid is in a state of plane strain. The (x,y) coordinates of the corners of the under deformed rectangle are given by P(0,0), Q (4,0), S (0,3). The rectangle is subjected to uniform strains, The deformed length of the elongated diagonal, up to three decimal places, is _________ units.

Question 5

A steel rod of cross-sectional area 10 mm2
Is subjected to loads at points P, Q, R and S as shown in the figure below:

If Esteel = 200 GPa, the total change in length of the rod due to loading is

Question 6

The pressure on the fluid is 3 MPa. The Young’s modulus is 210 GPa and the Poisson’s ratio is 0.25, the volumetric compressive strain produced is
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