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Question 1

The hardness of a grinding wheel is determined by the______.

Question 2

The cross feed on shaper consist of a load screw having 0.4 threads per mm. A rachet and paid on the rend of hand screw is driven from the shaper crank such that the paul indexes the ratchet by one thooth during each return stroke of the ram. Ratchet has 20 teeth, the feed in mm is

Question 3

Blind holes of 20 mm diameter, 100 mm deep are being drilled in steel block. Drilling spindle speed is 600 rpm, feed is 0.2 mm/rev, point angle of drill is 135 °. During this operation, the drill wears out after producing 300 holes. Taylor’s tool life equation is of the form VT0.3 = C, where V = cutting speed in m/min and T = tool life in minutes Taylor’s constant C will be _____.

Question 4

A block of length 200mm is machined by a slab milling cutter 34mm in diameter. The depth of cut and table feed are set at 2mm and 18mm/minute, respectively. Considering the approach and the over travel of the cutter to be same, the minimum estimated machining time per pass is _____________ minutes.

Question 5

In a slab milling, the average thickness is 0.031 mm. If diameter of cutter = 90 mm, Number of teeth on cutter = 10, cutting speed = 30 m/min, table feed = 180 mm/min, the depth of cut will be _________ mm.

Question 6

A hole with 50 mm diameter and 60 mm depth is to be drilled in mild steel component. The cutting speed is 70 m/min and feed rate is 0.25 mm/rev. If drill point angle is 118 ° and over-travel is 3 mm the time(min) required to drill the hole is
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