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Question 1

Feed rate in slab milling operation is equal to

Question 2

The size of the lathe is expressed by which of the following?

Question 3

A cylindrical rod is turned in two passes with same spindle rpm and feed rate. The cutting speed in the second pass is half compared to the first pass, what is the ratio of the diameter of the unmachined rod in 1st to 2nd pass.

Question 4

In a shaping process, the number of double strokes per minutes is 45 and the quick return ratio is 0.8. If the length of the stroke is 300 mm, the average cutting velocity (in m/min) ___________.

Question 5

In a plane milling operation following data has been taken as,

Length of workpiece = 150 mm,

Cutter diameter = 100mm,

No. of teeth = 5,

Cutter speed = 150 rpm,

Feed = 200 mm/min,

Depth of cut = 3mm.

Determine maximum undeformed chip thickness (in microns) ______.

Question 6

A mild steel plate 400 mm × 800 mm × 30 mm is to be shaped along its wider face. The ratio of return time to cutting time is 2 : 3 and the feed per cycle is 2 mm. Tool approach and over-travel respectively are 50 mm each, while along width it is 5 mm on both sides, and cutting speed of tool is 24 m/min. The machining time (in minutes) required for machining the given plate with HSS tool will be ___________.
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