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GATE 2020: Manufacturing Quiz 5

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Question 1

During orthogonal cutting of mild steel with a 10 ° rake angle tool the chip thickness ratio was obtained as 0.4. the shear angle (in degrees) evaluated from this data is

Question 2

If the Taylor's tool life exponent n is 0.2, and the tool changing time is 1.5 min, then the tool life (in min) for maximum production rate is ______.

Question 3

Two cutting tools are being compared for a machining operation. The tool life equations are:
Carbide tool:  VT1.6 = 3000
HSS tool:      VT0.6 = = 200
where V is the cutting speed in m/min and T is the tool life in min. The carbide tool will provide higher tool life if the cutting speed in m/min exceeds

Question 4

A cutting tool is having tool signature in orthogonal rake system as 10, 12, 9, 6, 15, 20, 2. The value of side cutting edge angle will be

Question 5

Minimum shear strain in orthogonal turning with a cutting tool of zero rake angle is

Question 6

Two cutting tools with tool life equations given below are being compared:
Tool 1:
Tool 2:
Where V is cutting speed in m/minute and T is tool life in minutes. The breakeven cutting speed beyond which Tool 2 will have a higher tool life is ________ m/minute.
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