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Question 1

The shear strength of a sheet metal is 300 MPa. The blanking force required to produce a blank of 100 mm diameter from a 1.5 mm thick sheet is close to

Question 2

In blanking and piercing operation, clearance between die and punch depends on:

Question 3

A 10 mm deep cylindrical cup with diameter of 15mm is drawn from a circular blank. Neglecting the variation in the sheet thickness, the diameter (upto 2 decimal points accuracy) of the blank is _________ mm.

Question 4

A rod of 15 mm diameter is used to drawn a wire of 0.096 mm diameter with a reduction of 20%, 40%, and 80% are available. For maximum error in the final size, the number of stages and reduction at each stage respectively would be

Question 5

A 10mm thick sheet of steel having ultimate tensile strength and shear strength of 500 MPa and 300 MPa respectively. A rectangular hole of size 150mm x 100mm is to be drill in it then the punching force (KN) required___________.
(by neglecting effect of clearance is)

Question 6

A blank of 30 mm diameter is to be produced out of 10 mm thick sheet on a sample die. If 3 % of radial clearance is recommended, then the nominal diameter of blank and punch respectively are______.
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