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GATE 2020: Heat Transfer Quiz 3

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Question 1

The ratio of momentum diffusivity (v) to thermal diffusivity (α), is called

Question 2

Match List-I (process) with List-II (predominant parameter associated with the process) and select the correct answer using the codes given below:
(A). Mass transfer
(B). Forced convection
(C). Free convection
(D). Transient conduction
(1). Reynolds number
(2). Sherwood number
(3). Mach number
(4). Biot number
(5). Grashoff number

Question 3

A laminar fully developed fluid (k = 0.175 W/m-K) flow inside a 6 mm internal diameter tube under uniform wall temperature boundary conditions. Compute the heat transfer rate between the tube walls and the fluid for a length of 8 m if the mean temperature difference between the wall and the fluid is 50 °C.

Question 4

The coolant fluid at 30 °C flows over a heated flat plate maintained at a constant temperature of 100 °C. The boundary layer temperature distribution at a given location on the plate may be approximated as T = 30 + 70 exp (-y) where y (in m) is the distance normal to the plate and T is in °C. If thermal conductivity of the fluid is 1.0 W/mK, the local convective heat transfer coefficient (in W/m2K) at that location will be

Question 5

For flow of fluid over a heated plate, the following fluid properties are known:
viscosity = 0.001 Pa.s; specific heat at constant pressure = 1kJ/kg.K;
thermal conductivity = 1 W/m.K.
The hydrodynamic boundary layer thickness at a specified location on the plate is 1 mm. The thermal boundary layer thickness at the same location is

Question 6

Heat is being transferred by convection from water at 48 °C to a glass plate whose surface that is exposed to the water is at 40 °C. The thermal conductivity of water is 0.6 W/mK and the thermal conductivity of glass is 1.2 W/mK. The spatial gradient of temperature in the water at the water-glass interface is dT/dy = 1×104 K/m.
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The value of the temperature gradient in the glass at the water-glass interface is K/m is
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