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ESE 2021 Technical Quiz || Full Revision Mock Test-6

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Question 1

A choke of 10 H carries a current of 500 mA. Calculate the energy stored (in J) in form of magnetic field by the choke.

Question 2

Pitch factor is the ratio of EMF of

Question 3

If the load resistance decreases in a Zener regulator, the series current

Question 4

Calculate the fastest rise time (in ms) a sine wave can have to be produced by a CRO, if the bandwidth is 35 Hz.

Question 5

A polynomial, s3 + 2s2 – 2s + 4. The number of roots of the polynomial on the open left half of complex s-plane is-

Question 6

What will be the susceptibility of a material Kept in free space if the field strength of the material is 0.2 × 107 A-m–1 and the flux density of material is 10T?

Question 7

Rating of fuse is expressed in terms of:

Question 8

Which of the following statements is correct?

Question 9

What should be ideal volatility and ideal viscosity of the transformer oil?

Question 10

The electron-hole pairs are generated by

Question 11

An ammeter is obtained by shunting a 30 Ω Galvanometer with 30 Ω resistance. What additional shunt should be connected across it to double the range?

Question 12

The impulse response of the given transfer function will be-

Question 13

If the conductivity of copper is ‘a’ mho/m then conductivity of aluminum will be around:

Question 14

Which of the following colour code sequence is correct for the resistor R = 56 × 1 MΩ ± 1%?

Question 15

A cable has inductance of 10 mH per km and capacitance of 25 µF per km. The surge impedance of cable is

Question 16

Dynamic stability of a power system disturbance lasting time period is?

Question 17

Call instruction when executed by 8085 microprocessor needs

Question 18

For practical purpose, the signal to noise ratio for acceptable quality transmission of analog signals and digital signals respectively are

Question 19

A signal is to be digitally encoded with a resolution of 0.02%. The voltage range is 0 – 8V. What is the analog value of LSB?

Question 20

The expression of trigonometrical Fourier series coefficient in terms of exponential Fourier series coefficient is
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