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ESE 2021 Technical Quiz || Full Revision Mock Test-5

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Question 1

Overall transfer function of block diagram is

Question 2

At what power factor one of the wattmeter indicate negative value in the measurement of total power in a 3 phase system.

Question 3

The most common type of occurrence of unsymmetrical faults in three phase system is

Question 4

Consider two LTI systems as shown in figure below. Then find the value of unknown parameter ‘a’ is ________.

Question 5

Polar form of the Cauchy-Reimann equation is

Question 6

If the rotor circuit resistance of a 3-phase induction motor is increased, then:

Question 7

Write the minimization function of the truth table shown?

Question 8

Electrical Resistivity p is:

Question 9

Superconductors now a day found their application in various fields. This is due to the fact that they:

Question 10

For a given three-phase induction motor, the slip at full load is

Question 11

The output of circuit shown in figure Q+ is:

Question 12

For the negative feedback amplifier shown in the given figure, the gain with feedback is 100. What is the gain without feedback.

Question 13

A 3-ϕ fault occurs at the middle of transmission line at point F. The generator having reactance Xd’’ = 0.29 p.u. and each transformer having X = 0.1 p.u. & each transmission line having reactance of X = 0.3 p.u. Find the transfer reactance between generator and infinite bus?

Question 14

Which of the following is not a Maxwell’s equation?

Question 15

The speed offered by static Scherbius drive is/are:

Question 16

The Ta Vs Ia graph of a dc series motor is a:

Question 17

Consider the following statements:

A. Both statement (i) and statement (ii) are true, and statement (ii) is the correct explanation of statement (i)

B. Both statement (i) and statement (ii) are true, but statement (ii) is not the correct explanation of statement (i)

C. Statement (i) is true, but statement (ii) is false

D. Statement (i) is false, but statement (ii) is true

Statement (i): The process of extracting an original message signal from the modulated wave is known as demodulation.

Statement (ii): Envelope Detector is one of the famous demodulators used for demodulating AM wave.

Question 18

RAM is also called as Dynamic RAM when

Question 19

For 1-ϕ half-wave rectifier shown below firing angle is 60°. Effective value of output voltage is _______V (approx.).

Question 20

If ; C = [1 0] for system represented by following state model , Y = CX

Transfer function is given by

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