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ESE 2021 Technical Quiz || Full Revision Mock Test-4

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Question 1

The expression for output F is:

Question 2

For 3-ϕ induction motor, maximum torque is two times of full load torque and starting torque is equal to full load torque. Slip value corresponding to maximum torque is ________ %

Question 3

For undamped system, peak overshoot is:

Question 4

A 20 kVA, 22 kV/ 440 V transformer iron and copper losses of 400 W and 800 W respectively under rated condition. The load for maximum efficiency is:

Question 5

What is the change in output voltage of a single-phase full converter fed from 230V, 50 Hz source when the load current is 10A and source inductance is 5mH?

Question 6

Piezoelectric effect is utilized in which of the following filter ?

Question 7

Which of the following flip flop is used to eliminate race around problem

Question 8

A hollow metallic sphere of radius R is charged to a surface density of σ. The strength of the electric field inside the sphere at a radius r(<R) is

Question 9

A 24-slot, 2-pole, lap-would dc machine has 18 turns per coil. The average flux density per pole is 1 Tesla. The effective length of the machine is 20 cm and the radius of the armature is 10 cm. The magnetic poles cover 80% of the armature periphery. For armature angular velocity (ωm) of 183.2 rad/se, the induced emf in the armature winding is nearly

Question 10

Which of the following design levels of a computer are widely used in computer design?

1) Gate level

2) Processor level

3) Register level

4) User level

Question 11

In a network, if there are ‘n’ number of nodes and ‘b’ number of branches, which of the following is true if mesh analysis is simpler than nodal analysis?

Question 12

What is the purpose of given code with respect to 8085 microprocessor?



Question 13

If unmodulated carrier frequency and maximum frequency after modulation are 1 MHz and 1.4 MHz, respectively. Δf is _______ MHz.

Question 14

In how many ways the letters of word “CAULIFLOWER” be arranged such that no two vowels appear together?

Question 15

Two identical coils are coupled with each other such that the maximum equivalent inductance of coil is 40 mH and minimum equivalent inductance is 20 mH. Find the coefficient of coupling between them.

Question 16

The method for determination of the stability of the feedback systems as a function of an adjustable gain parameter which does not provide detailed information concerning location of closed-loop poles as a function of gain K is called

Question 17

Atoms are chemically highly inactive in:

Question 18

For Schmitt Trigger shown, Hysteresis is _____Volts.

Provided: VH = 10 V & VL = –10 V

Question 19

The given Partial Differential equation


Question 20

In an HVDC transmission mode, the link which has two circuits that are almost independent of each other is called
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