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ESE 2021 Technical Quiz || Full Revision Mock Test-3

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Question 1

A 3-phase, 4-wire system supplies power to a balanced star-connected load. The current in each phase is 10 A. the current in the neutral wire will be

Question 2

The number of electrical degrees passed through in one revolution of a 6-pole synchronous alternator is

Question 3

Determine the Average value of alternating voltage (in V) if peak to peak value of voltage is 10V.

Question 4

Two holes are drilled in the disc on a diameter of the energy meter to

Question 5

The damping ratio and natural frequency of a second order system are 0.6 and 2 rad/sec respectively. Find the value of second peak time for the unit step response of the system.

Question 6

The temperature coefficient of an intrinsic semiconductor is

Question 7

The energy stored in the magnetic field is given by

Question 8

Consider the following circuit:

What will be the value of v and R respectively?

Question 9

In the AC machine, the fractional pitch winding is used

Question 10

If ni = 1.5 x 1016 m-3, µn = 0.5 m2/Vs, µp = 0.045 m2/Vs, then the resistivity of intrinsic silicon semiconductor at 300 K is

Question 11

The value of impedance Z2 for the following bridge to be balanced will be_____

Question 12

The initial slope of the Bode plot gives an indication of-

Question 13

The temperature coefficient of resistance of wire is 0.002/°C. At 300K its resistance is 5Ω. The resistance of the wire at 327K will be____

Question 14

Candela/metre square is the unit of which photometric quantity?

Question 15

Z-transform of x(n) = 2n u(–n – 2) is-

Question 16

When a Transverse electromagnetic (TEM) wave is propagating in the y-direction than magnetic vector Hy equal to.

Question 17

A single-phase half wave diode rectifier with L load as shown in the figure below. What will be the RMS value of rectified current? {Given : }

Question 18

A 50 Hz, 3-phase synchronous generator has inductance per phase of 4 mH. The capacitance of generator and circuit breaker is 0.001 µF. What is the natural frequency of oscillation?

Question 19

The most relevant information needed to specify the real power (P) at the PV buses in the load flow analysis is-

Question 20

Under commutation in a DC machine gives rise to-
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