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ESE 2021 Technical Quiz || Full Revision Mock Test-2

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Question 1

The area of a sinusoidal wave over a half-cycle is………….

Question 2

V2 is ________ volts for circuit shown

Question 3

The impulse response of an LTI system is given by 5u(t). If the input to the system is given by e–t then the output of the system is

Question 4

A dc voltmeter has a sensitivity of 1000 Ω/volt. When it measures half full scale in 100V range, the current through the voltmeter will be?

Question 5

The operation of an inverter fed induction motor can be shifted from motoring to regenerative braking by

Question 6

Synchronous impedance method of finding voltage regulation of an alternator is called pessimistic method because?

Question 7

Eigen values of the Matrix  are

Question 8

Inside dielectric material, if X represents electric susceptibility, then Polarization due to applied electrical field is:

Question 9

f(x) is continuous at x = π/2 if λ = ___________


Question 10

The cooling level in Transformer is majority depends on

Question 11

An ideal current source is connected to the disconnected circuit shown in the figure t = 0. The time constant of the circuit is

Question 12

For given base voltage and base volt-amperes, the per unit impedance value of an element is x. What will be the per unit impedance value of this element when the voltage and volt-ampere bases are both doubled?

Question 13

The higher the voltage in the transmission line, the current which will flow through the transmission line for a given power to be transmitted will be

Question 14

Which of the following techniques can avoid race around condition in J-K flip flops?

Question 15

The relative permeability of the medium  is related to its own permeability μ and permeability of free space μ0 as:

Question 16

In the below figure shows a chopper operating from 150 V DC input the duty ratio of switch is 0.4. The average output voltage of the chopper will be

Question 17

Leakage flux in a transformer occurs because:

Question 18

Choose the INCORRECT statement with regard to a forward biased p-n junction diode.

Question 19

In digital modulation companding is done to

Question 20

Using (32K × 1) RAM chips, 256K-bytes memory capacity is required. The number of such (32K × 1) RAM chips required _______.
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